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Our Working Method

What form does cooperation with us usually take?

Careful Preparation of the Proposal is the basis of any further work. To visit the location, identify any legislative risks and even discuss feelings, are of fundamental importance before we even start. A Workshop is an interactive consultation with the client, which replaces a passive presentation. You will always leave satisfied and knowing what to expect. A one hour workshop saves a day of the common style of work, as well as uncertainty on both sides. The result of the workshop is a Study which always includes an examination of the Interior Concept, with ergonomics and the basic arrangement of furniture. At the same time, an initial Budget is drawn up, which is a crucial part of any ensuing phase of the project, and which is further clarified after, in a gradual process. The project will never be unrealisable due to cost. The next step is to produce the Interior Design. This phase has a huge influence on variations in construction during the realisation of the project, which is why we do not leave it till last. Only with this, is it possible to responsibly Prepare the Project for Building Permission. In our case this preparation is very detailed, because it contains information which we already know from the concept or interior design. Implementary documentation will identify any difficult or atypical parts of our building project. During the realisation, Inspection by the Project Originator is an assured part of the studio's work and of the building process.

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