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The History of Free Architects

We have been working with you since 1997, when our first project took shape

The company Free Architects was born on January 6, 2007. The history of the studio started much earlier, in 1997. Together with a group of friends, we decided to design houses for people in our own, personal way. In January 2005 we received the authorisation of the Czech Chamber of Architects (ČKA) for the design of a site construction in an investment building . Today, we have a team of twelve members. Our  work is focussed on architecture, interiors and design and projection work related to these. Most of our designs are for residences, developments and commercial spaces. Our experience in these areas helps us to grow, and to fulfil our vision for a studio distinguished by its multi-generational team, who share the common goal of building a brand, rather than promoting individual names.

1998–2003 36 Wenceslas Square, priorly the Melantrich building, was our first professional base, after our parents chased us from our front rooms, with rolls of paper and models in hand. There I completed my studies and laid the foundations for the future firm. It was an incredible period, full of enthusiasm and hard work.

2003–2011 The Barok Jizera Palace at 48 Wenceslas Square housed our second studio and was our second home. This period was very demanding, because the whole industry was hit by a financial crisis, due to which we had to re-evaluate a number of essential issues. This spurred a transition from functioning as a group of freelancers, as we had been, to the creation of the entity, Free Architects.

2011–2015 The River Business Centre building at Strakonice 1199 became the location of our third studio. Prague city centre had become increasingly unsuitable for us in terms of facilitating our clients’ circulation by car as well as our own health concerns. We decided to move to a super, modern building, overlooking the river, and at no small financial cost we enjoyed it for a few years, until we became, you could say, a thriving, stable company, with economy of management and modern marketing.

2016 Became a breakthrough year full of changes. We succeeded in relocating our company to our own premises, made a number of organisational changes, rejuvenated the team and got more in touch with current trends. Now you can find us at Branická 21, where we all feel somehow refreshed.