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Modern Villas

Uncompromising architecture and living ahead of the times

A modern villa from us is a family home, well-equipped to a high standard, built on a fairly large plot of land with distinctive architectural ideas. At first glance, it will be immediately obvious that this is an unusual building, which not only accommodates living requirements, but also brings aesthetic and social advantages to you and to its surroundings. We would say it had a certain prestige. This Modern Villa won't just be a big bungalow or a copy of a famous functionalist building. Our modern Villa will seek new forms for old themes. It will not just work with artistic principles but will itself be a work of art, which people will either love or hate. It is an uncompromising building, for which the budget is not your, the investor’s, primary concern.

You well know that we know how to design a beautiful house in the romantic La Provence style just as well as a stone Cottage to weather the storm. We have no problem conjuring up every style from Scandinavian to industrial New York. We have designed countless bungalows. Yet here is something we truly love. The Modern Villa  . . .  We want to design it. We love creating it. Seeking new forms for old principles is always a great adventure. We admit it brings us great satisfaction. Although modern architecture has even fewer admirers than modern art, it has found a stable place in the hearts of many, including ours. It is really wonderful to contribute to its development; in our own small way, to enrich the image of the times in which we live; to create something more than trends and passing fads dictate; to try to bring something more important, more . . . modern.

“Modern buildings help architecture to stay in existence.”

When the world began to change dramatically, at the start of the 20th century, as a result of social pressures among other, architecture did not remain unaffected.  Formulations and certainties, which had been reliable up to then were thrown into question. The new century was not exactly amiable for normal life. Modern architecture was born in those times, and it is often clearly visible. A desire to create and overcome the times is really the motivation underlying modern thinking. Each building thus created is in its own way a rebirth, a source of new energy and a return to the roots. When someone conjures a modern, elegant dwelling from an ordinary building, it is always a small miracle, because modern buildings help to ensure the continuation of the existence of architecture.