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Home Stylist Services

Only with home staging is an interior 100% complete

Maybe you have already experienced that feeling,  when you  find yourself  in a complet ed interior, but you still do not feel at home. You made the most of your architect, but the result still does not resemble the dream inspiration from the magazine. The interior is missing something, and your dissatisfaction is gradually changes to resignation. Now is the right time to invite a home stylist or decorator. Because we always want our designs to be completed in full to the highest possible quality, we also offer home staging and related services in addition to interior designs.

Do our  QUIZ and discover which is the right living style for you!

Home staging will help you fine-tune your interior
Find a solution for all empty, overfilled or unbalanced spaces in the interior, enhance visibility, add appropriate decoration and small pieces of furniture. We work with everything that can be influenced in the interior without building intervention. Here is one thing to emphasize:

Home staging will not replace the interior design
This is an additional service in an already finished interior. However, the specific scope and content of the work may vary from case to case. Contact us on time and improve your housing with home staging from Free Architects.

In-house consultation on site
It means visiting and taking a tour of the interior, discussing solutions, determining your budget and advising you on some general tricks to deal with the most common issues. Then you can leave the specific ones to us.

List of tasks to complete the interior
It's not just a list of things that are missing or bad, but it's also a sort of categorization, sorting, and strategy to solve problems for the given interior. A part of this stage of proceedings is setting a timetable.

Pre-selection of products
We'll create the right combination of things to improve your interior. Home staging is supposed to bring about a quick improvement, so we only pick things that are quickly available or in stock on the market. We also try to take advantage of the benefits of the Free Architects CLUB which is an aggregator of our proven deals, where we offer you permanent discounts. We do not resist quickly scanning even Ikea-like chains.

We will explore key showrooms
Some things can not be bought over the Internet and you need to see them. You can join us if you love browsing through shops.

We will compile a collection
The most important thing is to make a selection of the best potential items, and create a collection from them that will then be used to decorate the interior.

We buy, import, install
We place all purchased items in the interior properly, including doing small jobs. Yes, we can also add a shelf or a hook to the wall.

We do a professional photo shoot
We photograph the finished interior design as evidence that everything works as it should. With your permission, the project may later be presented in media or social networks.

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